Nov 19
useful definition: learning

​A useful definition of learning is: the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

Source: Experiential Learning​

Nov 19
useful definition: innovation

​Another useful definition: Innovation is the conception, development, and successful deployment - the adoption or diffusion - of novel and valuable products and services.

Source: Organized Innovation​

Oct 23
useful tool: 9Lenses

​9Lenses enables consultants and executives to tap into organizational intelligence

Oct 08
useful tool: ketso

Ketso​ is​ a hands-on toolkit for creative engagement.

Oct 03
useful definition: maverick

​A maverick is a person of independent or unorthodox views.

Oct 03
useful definition: synthesis

​A useful definition for the concept of synthesis is "to combine ​separate elements or components in order to form to a coherent whole."

Sep 20
useful tool: blueworks
Sep 20
useful tool: trello
Sep 20
useful tool: planner
Sep 20
useful tool: readcube
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