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We provide consulting, coaching, and education for value creation and organization change. We facilitate value creation and change management for individuals, teams, organizations, and value / supply chains. 

Our integrated systems approach is based upon CHANGE PLUS, a multi-level social learning methodology for accelerating organizational change.  CHANGE PLUS generates change roadmaps utilizing a variety of organizational development, design, and change processes resulting in five plans: Case for Change, Communication, Learning, Transition, and Sustainability.  Principles, context, multiplexers, and multipliers determine the methods, recipes, and templates selected. Our Change Agents facilitate dialogue and conversation via action learning and collaborative coaching.  

"Change is the end result of all true learning."  - Leo Buscaglia

We connect the desired business results and technical objectives of a project with the people objectives, accelerating speed of adoption, proficiency, and utilization. 

 Applicable scope includes projects and programs that implement new business processes and systems, or organizational change efforts that have partnering, mergers, acquisitions, reorganizing, relocation, outsourcing, downsizing, transformation or growth elements. 

Value creation activities include:  

Retail  Logistics  Organizational Development, Design, and Effectiveness  Organizational Change Management • Leadership   Systems  Technology

HughesGlobal, LLC
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